Success Stories from Our Clients

At Digital Selection, we are very pleased to be able to showcase the success of our agency. We have achieved a comprehensive set of highly positive and rewarding outcomes for both employers and employees working with us. Here, we would like to provide a few examples of these successful placements.

A Provider of Dental Services

We recently placed a new dentist with a dental practice. This specialist had an impressive track record and an expansive set of qualifications and certification. We were able to arrange interviews between the practice and the dentist, which subsequently led to a successful placement. Both parties were satisfied with the fit and qualifications being a highly suitable match.

A Manufacturing Firm

We were approached by a large manufacturing company to find a workshop supervisor. Given the size of the company, it needed a candidate with a vast set of experience and qualifications. After reaching out to our network of potential candidates, we found the perfect individual who matched the role perfectly. The placement was marked as a great success, and the candidate was soon employed permanently.

A Food Processing Organization

When a food processing organization needed to fill an engineering position, it decided to turn to Digital Selection for help. We quickly identified the perfect candidate for the role and set up an interview that was soon accepted. The candidate was given the job offer shortly after the interview and adapted to the position perfectly.

Small Business Owners

When it comes to small business owners, they often need to fill positions quickly, especially during times of rapid expansion. As such, they need highly qualified individuals who can be efficient and productive from the beginning. Digital Selection is happy to say that we have had an extensive success rate in delivering such individuals to business owners swiftly.

A Law Firm

When a law firm needed to fill a legal studies professor for its correspondence college, it chose Digital Selection. We used our database of potential candidates to identify a suitable professor and arranged the necessary interviews. The resulting placement has been successful and beneficial to the law firm and the candidate.


It is clear that Digital Selection’s success stories are numerous and varied. Our agency has made the right placements in the right positions and has fulfilled the needs and requirements of employers, employees, and other clients. We are proud of our success in matching the right fit for everyone.

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