Recruitment and Diversity with Digital Selection

At Digital Selection, we work hard to ensure our recruitment and diversity policies are consistent with our mission and values. Our recruitment process takes diversity into account – the right job is open to everyone regardless of gender, race, background, or anything else. We actively encourage people from a variety of backgrounds to apply and demonstrate their skills, knowledge and abilities.

Equality & Inclusion

At Digital Selection, we actively promote equal opportunity and strive for diversity in our hiring processes. We believe in offering equal access to roles, and this includes making sure our hiring criteria does not contravene any laws that protect people from discrimination. We look for candidates who are the best for a role regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, or any other distinction.

We also ensure our recruitment practices are non-stereotyping, unbiased and transparent; this means candidates can demonstrate their skills and knowledge without any assumptions being made. We actively promote inclusion by ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard in our recruitment processes, and by creating a supportive environment where peoples’ perspectives are recognised and respected.

Diversity of Thought & Ability

At Digital Selections, we recognise the potential of candidates with a diverse range of backgrounds, knowledge areas, and skill sets. We value diversity in our team as a way to strengthen our collective approach, and to bring new ideas and perspectives to the table.

We actively encourage candidates to demonstrate their skills and capabilities in their application. We put a lot of emphasis on our interviews and group activities to assess how people can contribute to the team, both technically and collaboratively. This gives all candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their unique strengths.

Going Digital & Streamlining the Process

The digital era has allowed us to put our recruitment practices online, allowing us to access a much broader talent pool. Technology has allowed us to streamline our recruitment process and make it more fair and transparent.

We have also put in place automated systems which allow us to compare candidates more easily, regardless of where they are located, or what sector they come from. This improves the fairness of our selection processes and also allows us to make quicker decisions.


At Digital Selection, we’re passionate about recruitment and diversity and strive to ensure that everyone receives an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities. Our use of technology allows us to be more efficient and transparent in assessing candidates. We are committed to employing a diverse range of people and fostering an equal, inclusive and supportive culture.

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